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A couple kickstarter projects

We are attempting a pretty unique Kickstarter project. These are laser etched wooden 2d stand up minis. What we did is approached a few artists with beautiful artwork and got permission to turn their illustrations into designs we could etch on the laser. The result is 68 different 25mm scale miniatures.

You can check them out here.

I also have another Kickstarter project going on. This project is a little stacking deck box. You can use it to protect your cards or use it at the game table to consolidate card decks and discard piles to save space.

You can check them out here.

We are currently working on a new card game called Peer Review. It is going to be our entry into the Board Game Designer’s Guild of Utah 54 card Game Challenge in July.



Sorry everyone, been so busy I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted anything in two months. So let me get you up to speed.

We have heard rumor that Hold Your Breath should be shipping to backers next month we are excited to see it get into the hands of backers, it has been a long wait.

Warp Racers is under contract, so we are just waiting to see how we can help.

The Better Mousetrap is currently being played by a publisher this week. Wish us good luck on it.

Our first game submission Alpine is moving along nicely and we are looking to finalize a 2-8 player version of it here soon and get it onto Kickstarter the first quarter of next year.

We are currently testing a deeper version of The Greatest War and a simpler version of The Goblins of Rainbow Gulch.

We are getting ready to do a production run of upgraded components for Touch Paper Press’s Paranormal Investigation. Look for that to be mailing out to backers in the next couple weeks.

We are working on a few other projects for other designers as well and will keep you up to date as we can.

Last but not least, take a look at some of our new laser cut stuff.

20140906_222656 20140818_224753 20140908_213026 20140903_192947 20140913_231839 20140913_231859 20140923_193244

Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

We have launched another game related project on Kickstarter. This one is Ultimate Tic Tac Toe. We didn’t design the rules to the game, we just designed a physical copy of the game to play it on. This is a laser cut baltic birch and hardwood project. 

Unadorned Ultimate Tic Tac Toe


The Unadorned version

and below is the Trivaram themed version.

Trivaram edition


If you would like to check out the Kickstarter page, you can see it here: Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

Latest Warp Racers Update

I took a trip to Texas, I had my beautiful prototype of Warp Racers all ready to show off, and then I realized, I had a better idea, so I didn’t even play it.

So what is the better idea you ask, here it is.

Six suits of cards, each suit numbered 1-4. There are two of each card in the deck.

The basic premise is a trick taking game with the first player playing a suit, and the other players playing on that suit.

The variation is in addition to the suit card, each player can also play a second card which is used for it’s special ability. Each suit has it’s own special ability and each card of the same suit has the same special ability.

So the idea is that determining who wins the lap (essentially takes the trick) is based upon two cards, and impacted by the other players and the strength of the black hole.

What is nice is this allows me to get rid of most of the “stats” of the game, we just track speed and black hole strength.

We even gained a few more promotions.

Promotions come in three types, Veteran, Suit, and Warp.

A veteran promotion affects all cards of the same speed value, that speed value gets increased permanently. So if you give a veteran promotion to a Piloting: 2 card, the 2 becomes an 8, but not just for the Piloting suit, but for all 2 cards of any suit you play.

A warp promotion improves the special ability of the card when it is played as the second card.

A suit promotion affects all cards you play of that suit permanently. It increases the speed value of those cards by 1.

Another adjustment we made was making the black hole a suit. I can be played on suit or as a second card. However, any time a black hole card is played, it increases the strength of the black hole by 1 for the round. So if lots of black hole cards get played, you might find all the players getting sucked into the warp on that lap. However, since going into the warp gives you a warp promotion, that is not necessarily a terrible thing.

So we are now playtesting this version of the game, and hopefully it will be the winning combination.

Laser Cut Diplomacy Board

20140530_121819 20140530_121855 20140530_121840 20140530_121829

Here is an updated design to the classic Diplomacy board, this is a laser cut version 24″ x 24″ on 1/4″ thick Baltic Birch. We are going to do a 3/4″ thick hardwood version here shortly, it will be 21″ x 21″ approximately.

Warp Racers Update

I had a breakthrough moment on Warp Racers over the weekend.

The game has a roster of 13 cards per player, and each player has the same 13 cards. Each player creates 4 card teams each round of the game. Ultimately there are four best hands that can be created, and every player is working to create those 4 hands every game. Now randomness of shuffling can make that easier, harder, or impossible, but the point is, there is only a few good ways to play.

So rather than going through all of that every round of every game. I decided to just create the four best hands and give each player those four best hands. So now on each turn, each player is just deciding which of the four cards to play that round.

Now to add a little variety, I added in two more cards, so each game you will play 4 our of 6 choices.

What does this mean. It means that each card will only be used once per game. It creates more chances for ties, which result in crashes. You go from playing with 0 known information in the first round to 50% known information in the 4th round.

Playing your cards is influenced by what cards you have left to play, what your opponents have already played, what Event cards you have in your hand, what you can remember your opponents have and what Event Cards are showing for the reward phase of each round. So there are still plenty of meaningful details to factor into your decision each turn.

In the end, it eliminates shuffling, it reduces the learning curve in regards to figuring out the best combos. It shortens the length of time it takes to complete the game, and minimizes the amount of legacy elements to track from game to game.

Basically, cutting the card count by 50% increased simplicity, speed, and hopefully fun significantly.

I am going to playtest it with my son this weekend to see if the simplicity element is in fact as improved as I feel it is.


Another Project we are working on

This is actually a Daft Concepts Kickstarter project but I am super excited to be part of it.

The project went live this morning and already 20% funded.



We are looking to find a craftsman interested in making a set of Chess pieces to go with the boards. I have contacted The Oak Tree Workshop who makes these pieces.


If you know of someone else who could produce high quality Chess pieces, let me know.